Mrs F from Hertfordshire – found the perfect house for her retirement. Unfortunately at the last minute the buyer of her property withdrew their offer. Mrs F obviously did not want to lose her dream home so contacting Southern Bridging. We were able to provide a bridging loan of £250k until her old property was sold.

Miss P from Chelmsford – owed £65k in debts to various companies. She began to fall behind in payments but Southern Bridging was able to secure a bridging loan within days which cleared the debt. Mrs P was then able to move house and cleared the bridging Finance. Other than her small mortgage, Mrs P is now debt and worry free.

Mr H from Middlesex – is a property developer. He was declined £200k from his high street bank to complete his current building project, even though he had no credit issues in his past. Southern Bridging were able to secure the bridging loan within days of his application and Mr H was able to complete his building project and made a healthy profit.

Mrs W from London – wanted to buy an investment property from auction for £220k which she wanted to let-out but did not have enough liquid cash to make the cash sale so Southern Bridging arranged a bridging loan which enabled her to purchase the property and complete the minor building works that it needed before a high street lender would consider the mortgage. She now rents out the property on a long-term rental securing a regular income and the potential for capital growth.

Mr S from Hillingdon - ‘The advisors at Southern Bridging were extremely helpful and very polite on the telephone. It’s a nice surprise that some companies still provide excellent customer service!’.

Miss P from Chelmsford - ‘I was embarrassed about my financial situation but the staff were so easy-going and relaxed that I never once felt uncomfortable and they treated me with respect and understanding – I would recommend them to anyone’

‘The advisor travelled to see us face to face which was fantastic as it fitted into our very hectic family life and it was such a
personal service that we trusted him completely’

‘We were very impressed by the speedy response we received from using the ‘Call Back’ form and throughout our dealings with Southern Bridging, they were nothing but polite, helpful and very professional’

‘The only thing I can say is that everyone at Southern Bridging were fantastic. I cannot recommend them highly enough and would definitely use them again as I’m a property developer and it’s a difficult field to cash flow’

*Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up
repayments on your mortgage or any other loans secured on it.

So contact us today by telephone, apply via the following link or simply fill in your details through the 'Contact us' section on the left of this page and we will be happy to call you back.