Lending Guidelines

Status / non status
Southern Bridging is a property based lender. Income multiples and rental calculations do not form part of the underwriting process, although we do require a credit search it does not form part of the underwriting process which sets us apart from many bridging companies and traditional lenders.

First charge / second charge lending
Southern Bridging is willing to provide loans even when there is an existing mortgage on the property. This service can be useful if you have a significant amount of equity in your property, require funds for a short period of time (less than one year) and would prefer a second charge loan rather than a remortgage or a further advance on your current mortgage.

Lending policy
At Southern Bridging we will consider any property in any condition or any land with a value attached to it. We will lend up to a maximum of 60% of the property or land value minus any current loans that are secured on the property or land. We do not operate a retention system but instead we base our lending on the open market sale price on the day of valuation.

The maximum amount that we can arrange as a bridging loan is up to 60% of the market value, not the purchase price. 100% bridging loans are available with additional security.

We offer Property Development Finance and Property Refurbishment / Conversion Finance in the UK. 50% on land up to 60% on property and the potential of 100% of build costs depending on the estimated value at the end of the build.

Currently we are only lending on property or land in England but hope to expand this in the not too distant future.

We look at all times to respond in a proactive way to enable the bridging loan to be made as opposed to other lenders who make you jump through hoops and then decline to lend at the end of the timescale.

So contact us today by telephone, apply via the following link or simply fill in your details through the 'Contact us' section on the left of this page and we will be happy to call you back.