Welcome to Southern Bridging

Southern Bridging was established to offer a simple solution to short-term funding. With a wealth of experience spanning 50 years collectively, our employees and consultants all come from a Financial Services background.

Based in Hertfordshire, our consultants have experienced every aspect of bridging finance and the difficulties that arise when a short-term solution is required in an exceedingly short space of time.

We provide high quality advice, speed and excellent customer service which in turn helps us build long-term, stable relationships with our clients, intermediaries and brokers.

Southern Bridging Finance provides an alternative to individuals and business owners looking to purchase or refinance.

We cover all aspects of bridging including Commercial, Buy-to-Let and second charge Residential.

Due to our vast wealth of experience we are confident of being able to inform you quickly if a bridging loan is suitable for your requirements.

When we receive an enquiry it can be immediately assessed by our professional, experienced bridging team and an agreement can normally be reached within 48 hours. We understand that bridging finance needs to be fast, tailor-made, and efficient but without losing that special quality of excellent customer service.

We look at each deal within its own merits. Unlike high-street lenders that have applications dictated by computer systems and strict underwriting criteria, our flexible approach means that we will do deals that other traditional lenders would not touch.

Applying for a bridging loan with Southern Bridging couldn’t be easier and we would very much like to help with your enquiry.

So contact us today by telephone, apply via the following link or simply fill in your details through the 'Contact us' section on the left of this page and we will be happy to call you back.